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About Us

Top-Quality Video Production

  Since 2010, it has been my pleasure to help customers find the professional video streaming they need to get their event in the spotlight.   I have been in this business since 2000 until I retired from a major corporation and decided to bring my broadcasting skills to my hobby (darts), along the way I have shown a few other companies how to bring live streaming to events. After all, it’s an important “tool” for your association events to be seen.


Our Equipment

   I do own all my own equipment so no need to rent costly equipment for your event, some things we supply mixers, cameras, full aluminum truss system so your stage looks professional with all back-drop drapes, sound systems powered, and non-powered, wireless microphones hand held and lav mics. Full commentary setups even internet jukeboxes that can bring revenue to your event and much more.


Live Events we have done

  We have done streams for Pool Tournaments, Beer Pong, Dart Tournaments Steel and Soft Tip, Air Hockey World Championships just to name a few. Contact us if you would like to discuss your event. 

Video Services

Remote HD Cameras

  We were the first to bring you HD remote cameras, so we could get you the best shot.    

Live Replay

   In 2017, we were able to offer Live replays for your event.    

Stream in 4K

  New for 2018 now streaming in 4k contact us to see if it can be done for your location. 

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Bay City, Michigan, United States

(989) 225-2239